Maple Rock Design

The Maple Rock design story is pretty unique and has been a big part of my life since 2009. Maple Rock was founded in 2003 by Steve Arnold. By the time I joined in 2009, Steve had grown the business with the employment of Karen Mitchell as a second designer and Clare his wife who dealt with office administration/finances. In 2009 during the recession I was working at another Cheltenham agency, who were looking to off-load one of their web guys (that being me). Maple Rock were at this time outsourcing all web work to external agencies. I was brought on-board as a mutual transfer in October 2009 – tasked with growing the web side of the business. All was well until 2010 – in what would turn out to be a life changing year for by myself personally and the business. In February of 2010 my mum was diagonsed with Cholangiocarcinoma (a rare form of cancer) – only two months later she passed away on 17th April 2010. Bombshell number 1! Steve at the time was really supportive a gave me as much time as I needed before returning to work. During the spring/summer Steve became ill having various days off and time in and out of hospital. Bombshell number 2 came on the morning of 18th November 2010 –  a phone call form Karen telling me that Steve had unexpectedly passed away the previous evening.

To be continued….