Side Projects: The Cheltenham Pub Guide

I’ve always been a fan of producing side projects, it keeps the creative juices flowing! In our time at Maple Rock Design we have produced a few – from our Cheltenham Infographic followed by Our “Rock Box”.

Our latest project has been somewhat of an undertaking but it finally landed in Cheltenham this week. It’s the “The Pocket Guide to Cheltenham’s Pub & Bars” which is available in both digitial and print formats. The guide features x88 pubs all within walking distance of Royal Well (in the town centre), accompanied by a short description of what to expect and its facilities!

We’ve also started to distributing the printed version throughout hotels/bars/pubs within Cheltenham – so feel free to grab one if you see one lying around. It comes complete with a handy map to guide you way between each venue and local attraction!

New Year, New Blog

My first blog post… Well not really some years ago I ran a blog with various bits and bobs mainly music. I’ve not blogged since 2012. I’d also not updated my personal website since about 2010/11 so I thought it is about time I did, hence this post. At the time of writing I’m not sure what I’ll post about but my intention is to post about life in general, the ups and downs of being at the helm of a graphic design business, website tips, design tips, web development ideas generally anything that comes to mind that others may find interesting or useful.