• 2023 Wrap Up

    My 2023 wrap-up of what I'm been up to this past year.

  • My Diabetes Story

    If you didn’t already know in June this year (2023) I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Here's my story!

  • Tales from a WordPress Migration - How to (not) export your media library?

    How do you go about migrating an old WordPress install when you want to start with a clean slate? The mistakes I made and how I resolved them plus the tools that made my life a little easier.

  • 2022 Wrap Up

    My 2022 wrap-up of what I'm been up to this past year.

  • Modern WordPress Plugin Development

    What does it take to make a WordPress Plugin with a more modern approach?

  • 2021 Wrap Up

    My 2021 wrap-up of what I'm been working on during the 2nd year of the global pandemic.

  • Elavon Payment Gateway Integration – 3D Secure 2 (SCA)

    How hard can an API integration be? Well if the documentation is a little outdated then it can make things harder than they need to be. Here is how I tackled integrating Elavon payment gateway into a WordPress plugin.

  • 2020 Wrap Up

    My 2020 wrap-up of what I'm been working on during the global pandemic.

  • My Curry Receipe

    I do love a curry. Here's my slap dash method for putting together a tasty curry!

  • Building Bespoke and Converting Legacy Systems with Laravel

    The aim of this article is to blow my own trumpet a little bit and give a clear insight into my technical capabilities. Now the project I want to talk about I am working under an NDA so I can’t reveal the client but I can give you a rough idea of the challenges faced and how I overcame them.

  • Dublin

    Everyone makes New Years resolutions, but at the turn of the year one of mine was to travel more and especially to do more by myself. After all I’m approaching 32 in July (I’m not sure how) and I’ve never been brave enough to venture out into the big wide world by myself that was until I decided to book my first solo travel experience back in January.

  • Side Projects: Cheltenham Pub Guide

    I’ve always been a fan of producing side projects, it keeps the creative juices flowing! In our time at Maple Rock Design we have produced a few – from our Cheltenham Infographic followed by Our “Rock Box”.

  • New Year, New Blog

    My first blog post… Well not really some years ago I ran a blog with various bits and bobs mainly music. I’ve not blogged since 2012. I’d also not updated my personal website since about 2010/11 so I thought it is about time I did, hence this post.