• Dublin

    Everyone makes New Years resolutions, but at the turn of the year one of mine was to travel more and especially to do more by myself. After all I’m approaching 32 in July (I’m not sure how) and I’ve never been brave enough to venture out into the big wide world by myself that was until I decided to book my first solo travel experience back in January.

  • Side Projects: Cheltenham Pub Guide

    I’ve always been a fan of producing side projects, it keeps the creative juices flowing! In our time at Maple Rock Design we have produced a few – from our Cheltenham Infographic followed by Our “Rock Box”.

  • New Year, New Blog

    My first blog post… Well not really some years ago I ran a blog with various bits and bobs mainly music. I’ve not blogged since 2012. I’d also not updated my personal website since about 2010/11 so I thought it is about time I did, hence this post.